Stephen J. Strauss, Attorney at Law

State Bar Disicpline Defense Counsel

State Bar Defense

Whether you just received an investigation letter from the State Bar or are headed to trial, I can help.  I am a former Senior Litigator for the State Bar of California and a former associate of Diane Karpman with over 30 years of trial experience in professional responsibility and attorney ethics.   I understand that your integrity has been attacked and your ability to earn a livelihood is at stake.  

While what is done is done, often it is how you characterize the misconduct that counts. The damage can be contained and not allowed to spread into a fishing expedition. Misconduct can be mitigated.

Don't get defensive and let the State Bar take advantage of you by representing yourself. You are too close to the subject matter to exercise independent legal judgment.  As a board member of the Association of Discipline Defense Counsel, I keep attuned to who the current managers at the State Bar are and what cases are going for.  I can help you avoid digging yourself in deeper, contain the damage, and mitigate the harm. 

  • Investigation letters from the State Bar
  •  Criminal Conviction Referral Matters and Interim Suspensions 
  • Problems involving client trust account administration
  • Client neglect, failure to perform, failure  to communicate, render accountings
  • Lack of candor toward a court or opponent
  • Conflicts of interest and disqualification motions
  • Motions to Withdraw as counsel
  • Alcohol & drug dependency problems
  • Summary Disbarment
  • Reinstatements- following suspension or disbarment
  • Fee Disputes
  • Ethics Advice & Preventative Consultations - conflict waivers, fee agreements

Stephen Strauss

1107 Fair Oaks Ave., #885
South Pasadena, CA 91030-3311
(323) 221-2286

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